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Andrew Fidino

Andrew Fidino


Andrew Fidino is an experienced administrator with a history in public safety and critical care helicopter rescue. He takes honor in serving as the Chief Operations Officer and brings with him nearly 20 years of frontline experience.

He has the honor of serving as President of a 501c3 Nonprofit of whom tends to the feminine hygiene needs of the homeless and underserved women across America, is an industry leader in critical care and emergency flight medicine, and believes in teamwork, individualized and top-notch patient care, and offering the best experience to all who share their time with us.

Prior to coming to our clinic he served as a Firefighter/Paramedic in the city for over a decade, on medevac airplanes and rescue helicopters throughout Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest for nearly a decade, and continues to travel the world teaching critical care and emergency medicine to various clinicians.

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