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Danielle Klas

Danielle Klas

Master Aesthetician

Danielle is a knowledgeable Master Aesthetician and Tri-City local, whose journey in the industry began in 2015. Her passion and unwavering enthusiasm have propelled her through a diverse career, marked by continuous learning and experience in various facets of aesthetics. Her commitment to excellence has led her to the realm of education, where, for the past year she has joyfully shared her knowledge in teaching the next generation of aspiring aesthetic professionals.

Having successfully guided a graduating class, she has refocused her attention on the clinic, eager to walk alongside clients on their beauty and wellness journeys. With a devoted approach to her clients, she strives to grasp the unique needs and concerns of each patient, ensuring a personalized and empathetic approach to their esthetic journey. Danielle is thrilled to share her extensive knowledge and contagious enthusiasm with her patients, collaboratively working to ensure they both look and feel their absolute best. In doing so, she aspires to contribute to a world that is not only more beautiful, but also brimming with self-confidence. In her free time she enjoys spending time crafting with her daughter, volunteering, and is involved in supporting women through mentorship and advocacy programs within our area’s local non-profit organizations.

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