How to Look Well-Rested



If under-eye bags and dark circles are making you look like you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years, then Under Eye PRP and/or Dermal Filler might be your new favorite treatment. Surprisingly, under-eye bags and dark circles are usually caused by aging, not by a lack of sleep.


As you get older, the fat pads underneath your eyes get larger, causing eye bags. These fat pads then move downward, creating a hollow area under your eyes, which causes dark circles.


Luckily, using a little Juvederm filler or PRP can instantly banish under-eye bags and dark circles and make you look like you just got home from a long vacation! We use a combination of PRP Treatments and Fillers to erase the circles under your eyes. Each Vampire Eye service is 100% custom to our patients.


Our trained staff members work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve perfection!

Taking care of yourself is important. Making sure you look and feel your best is what we are here for. New U Women’s Clinic offers the best services to make sure that happens.


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