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Is Non-Surgical Body Sculpting With Evolve Right for You?

Is Non-Surgical Body Sculpting With Evolve Right for You | New U Women's Clinic & Aesthetics in Kennewick, WA

Are you looking for a way to tighten loose skin, improve muscle tone, eliminate cellulite, and shape your body without surgery? If so, you should Evolve! This treatment can help you Tone and tighten your skin without surgery and with little recovery time.

Today, New U Women’s Clinic & Aesthetics will help you discover and learn more about this non-surgical body sculpting. Check out this blog post right now. 

Body Sculpting with Evolve

Evolve has three ways to shape the body without surgery: Evolve Tite, Evolve Transform and Evolve Tone. Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform use the same basic technology to shape and smooth your body the way you want. 

Evolve uses Radiofrequency (RF) energy to deliver heat and results. When used by skilled medical professionals, the RF energy in Evolve can reduce fat in specific areas, tighten the skin, and eliminate cellulite.

Here at New U Women’s Clinic & Aesthetics, Evolve is a new, hands-free technology that improves the results for patients and gives them the best aesthetic treatments available. This all-in-one platform combines different technologies into a single system that can reshape skin, target fat tissue, and tone muscles.

Evolve can also be put on a lot of different parts of the body. You can work on more than one body part in the same session. Evolve technology works well on the following aspects of the body:

  • Waist 
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • And Flanks

Is Non-Surgical Body with Evolve Ideal?

Evolve gives you the results you want and deserve. In general, we think that body sculpting without surgery with Evolve is helpful if you:

  • Have sagging skin
  • Cellulite makes you look bad.
  • Are pretty close to your weight goal
  • Follow a healthy eating and exercise plan.
  • Have fat deposits that won’t go away no matter what you do?

Our team is also an expert in several other cosmetic treatments that don’t involve surgery or only need a small amount of surgery. Women can do something different at New U Women’s Clinic & Aesthetics. 

We can take care of almost every part of a woman’s life in one place. Our clinic cares about the patient and her needs, not just her diagnosis. We make it the focus of our practice to ensure that our patients stay healthy.

What Parts of The Body Can Evolve Work on?

Evolve non-surgical body contouring services work for many common problem areas that affect both women and men. Again, some of the most common areas of treatment are:

  • Middle back
  • Upper arms
  • Hips (saddlebags) (saddlebags)
  • Abdomen and flanks (muffin top)

Depending on where the problem is, you’ll need a different kind of Evolve service. For example, Evolve Trim’s patented technology combines RF energy and vacuum suction to create the most-even heating effect. 

Evolve Trim is known as a treatment for the body and cellulite. With Evolve Tight, on the other hand, the applicators use uniform RF energy to heat the volume of your skin and subdermal layer. 

Here are the three types of Evolve Non-Surgical Sculpting for added information and knowledge. 

Trim on Evolve

Evolve technology can help you lose weight in places like your arms, stomach, and thighs that are hard to lose. Six hands-free applicators and a vacuum are used in Trim to create a thermal effect that gets into the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat for the best results. 

Tite on Evolve

With the Evolve Tite system, you can tighten the skin on any part of your body, like your arms or stomach. Medical professionals put the applicators in the areas asked for. The settings are changed based on the patient’s needs and how they want to look. 

Evolve Tite has direct, measurable results for skin that looks tighter and younger. It is a great, non-invasive, pain-free way to deal with problem areas. People who want to tighten their skin after losing weight, having a baby, or just getting older can use this method.

Tone on Evolve

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which causes muscles to contract on their own, helps tone muscles in different places to make you look fitter, younger, and brighter. 

You can put Tone on your stomach, arms, thighs, or buttocks to get rid of fat, improve muscle tone and strength, and change how these body parts look. 

Four applicators that don’t need to be held are put on the patient. These applicators deliver the heat and stimulation required for the procedure. Your medical team keeps an eye on how things are going and ensures that each applicator is set up just right to give the patient the desired results.

How Many Treatment Session is Needed?

Once you and our team determine that Evolve body contouring is proper for you, we will plan how many treatments you may need. 

Most suggest that you do at least three Evolve sessions, each one week apart. But if you have fat that won’t go away or skin that sags, you may need as many as eight weekly visits.

Best Candidates For The Treatment

Tell your doctor what you want and what you need. Evolve works best for people who wish to tighten and tone many different parts of their bodies. 

Remodeling the areas of your body with extra skin and fat can help you get in shape or help with the most challenging parts of your body. 

Your doctor will look at your age, lifestyle, aesthetic goals, and medical needs to decide if the Evolve body remodeling treatment is proper for you.

Seeing The Changes

As RF body remodeling, Evolve treatments are very effective. It takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to see results.

Can Evolve Works To Tighten Skin After Pregnancy?

Evolve is precisely the proper treatment to help with that. The hands-free applicators work on several areas, such as the arms, abs, buttocks, and thighs. 

You can change and set the technology to get the look you want. Evolve can tighten skin, tone muscles, and eliminate stubborn fat. This makes it a great choice after pregnancy or weight loss.

Set an Appointment Today!

If you’re ready to move forward with a personalized non-surgical body contouring package from Evolve, book a consultation with New U Women’s Clinic & Aesthetics. We are certified doctors and experts who can indeed work on your goals! 

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