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Piper Mercer

Piper Mercer

 Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Piper Mercer has always been an important part of the Tri-Cities, a place where she and her family are well-known and have lived for a long time. She loves when her family gets together the most—a simple pleasure, especially now that her adult kids are spread out and starting their own lives in different places. As much as she loves her family, she also loves being outdoors, enjoying the local sunshine, and going on outdoor trips with her husband or by herself—hiking, skiing, and boating across the rivers. She keeps her energy up with regular workouts at Orange Theory Fitness.

Her nursing career started about 20 years ago in the Tri-Cities at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. That’s where she really learned to be a nurse and where her commitment to the job started. Later, she took on a part-time job as an IV Infusion nurse at Kadlec Clinic Rheumatology, which let her take care of her five kids while still working in the nursing field, right in the neighborhoods where she was raised. Taking a short break from nursing didn’t kill her passion for it, and she was greeted warmly when she decided to return, bringing back more experience and a stronger dedication to looking after her patients than ever.

In her hometown, Piper found herself drawn to a new side of nursing—aesthetic medicine. This area, which combines health and beauty, really excited her and seemed like the perfect way to blend her extensive medical knowledge with a creative touch. Passionate about making people feel good both inside and out, Piper sees this move as another way to make a real difference, just like she’s always done in the Tri-Cities by serving her community.

Now, as she moves into the role of aesthetic nursing, Piper brings the deep values she learned from her community with her—the belief that aesthetic treatments can really help people and the idea that taking care of patients means looking at the whole picture, not just one part. She values each person’s unique story, knowing they all add up to make the Tri-Cities what it is. Focused and dedicated, Piper is ready to take what she knows and loves about her hometown to provide a service that combines health and beauty, fully caring for her patients in the place she loves.

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